Hourly Rates

We know that insolvency practitioners regularly come across complex and unstructured data in the course of an insolvency process. We are ready to assist in collecting, cleaning, analyzing and visualizing such data at an hourly rate of DKK 1,500.

We have more than a decade's experience in such data processing and are equipped to handle cases containing even hundreds of millions of records and produce relatable and understandable insights.

All pricing ex. VAT.

Financial Data

Up to 500 transactions* Free
Up to 2500 transactions* DKK 625/quarter
Up to 10,000 transactions* DKK 2,500/quarter
Up to 25,000 transactions* DKK 5,000/quarter
25,000+ transactions* Get Quote
*transactions are the sum of financial transactions and bank records

Retrival of transactions from online banks carry a one-time fee of DKK 350,- per bank.